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Multi-brand consumer self-service Credit Card Service Center
GE's consumer finance unit manages a pool of credit card accounts from their huge Burnley site. All card accounts are managed and serviced by GE, but while a few carry the GE brand, others are branded by a variety of other retail operators. This assortment of odd brands, exacerbated by an assortment of odd layout, design and markup was causing an IT and marketing headache for their consumer self-management card service portal. A project began to consolidate common elements between the cards (navigation, masthead, footers, etc) whilst maintaining strong brand separation and identity.

I became the main Frontend dev on this JSP / Tomcat-based project, and helped to achieve the consolidation required by the client. However, I went many steps further still and purged a tremendous amount of bad legacy markup and inline styling from the code, and implemented a cascading system of branded styles for the application via CSS. This reduced the overall density of the markup from both templates and application code, and resulted in a significant streamlining of all rendered pages.