Leaseplan : Affordability Calculator

Javascript-powered interactive leasing affordability calculator
Envious of a rival's Flash-based leasing calculator, this client sought to offer a similar functionality on their own public-facing website. The original had used a very literal driving-dashboard metaphor for its UI, and much discussion raged about the metaphor to be used on this version. Ultimately, after many odd metaphors and ideas, they settled on a simple and straightforward animated bar graph to represent the changing values of the customer's input.

This was one of my first major forays into Javascript-powered screen behaviour, built prior to the days of JQuery and the many other libraries available today. All aspects of the UX here are of my design. The voluminous leasing algorithm I had to implement here in order to translate various income and time inputs into a final estimate were so harrowing it almost put me off car leasing altogether! However, the client was most pleased with the result and the module has remained online for many years.

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