Oakton Corporate website

Drupal-based corporate website
Up to this point the company had only ever had a static-based web presence, unsullied by any database connection. That includes quite a number of site iterations, up to four dating back to the late 90s. So by 2008 they were keen to see some of the improvements they were witnessing in their own clients' and rivals' websites -- easy content management, multiple authors and permission hierarchies, RSS feeds, and so on. So they undertook an internal process to put such a site together.

As the maintainer of their legacy website, and their key UX/digital graphics employee, I worked with the national marketing manager to develop both a UX design and information architecture that would meet the company's needs. Limited by a small budget, we selected the open source CMS framework Drupal. It proved to be an able and robust solution, providing everything a modern website should, and is still in place today although the version and skin have since been updated.